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Make It Make Sense

by CRASHprez



invoiceboyz make the bands do the ceiling fan
never divvy dividends with niggas that don’t fit the plan
came in with the bounce, i ain’t triggaman
pulled up to the N.O. in the echo, not a sprinter van
i’m with devon, we on bourbon
and these drunk white women steady makin’ niggas nervous
careful with your valentine
shawty say she need a friend?
only pick up half the time
give or take like three percent
tryna build my hands up cuz i need defense
just in case i need to leave him leakin’ like he need depends
issa evil world we live in
won't catch me slippin'
curled up drippin’
or turnt up missin’
limbs built slimmer than the pickins, but i’m smitten from the love i learn to live in
blent in cityslickin’, never hid a blemish
throwed off in lenox, i’m with yoh, we ain’t spendin’
a goddamn dime on designer
mild with the fries, then recline with my thighs up
eyes on the prize like the whites in my iris when whites ain’t invite us
bussin’ off my pride til the sun say my time up
and i’m only playin’ mine when i’m gettin’ lined up
just admire my mind, ugh
ratchet up my vanity
just to sell my audio
static from a camera feed
struggle impresario
beefin’ as a business decision, the man fooled you
rappaport gone rap report? we bamboozled
long as spike stay takin’ racks from the PD
the best man in rap has a cop dad in DC
nah, really
not guilty, y’all watch the kill spree
chill with the appeals, please
it’s alleged gettin’ bread make ya feel free
time to say the pledge ‘til these blue hunnids heal me

and make it make sense
make it make sense
we gon' make it make sense
somebody make it make sense
look... you better make that make sense!
nigga... you better make that make sense!
aye... make it make sense, nigga!
wait... make it make sense, nigga!


released July 27, 2019
Produced by Liz
Recorded, Mixed + Mastered by Lucien Parker
Art Direction by Caleb Vanden Boom





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