ILLEGAL (feat. Patrice Rushie)

by CRASHprez



"Wth this being my first piece in so long, I dropped it from several places at once: joy, pain, anger, and relief. I can confidently say that fear didn't make that list this time." - Me, to Explain News.


[Verse 1]
Had to make a home up outta nothin’, but I guess that’s what I’m used to, baby
Still CATCH WRECK in the deck, you should know what the crew do, baby
I dedicate this record to every motherfucker that choose to hate me
Tell that nigga pass you the AUX, Black fist in ya Bluetooth, baby
Two generations outta chains, they say that we still too lazy
You traded in a crop for a cell block, ain’t no such thing as “new slavery”
But we came to dead the issue, lift the soul up high
Alan Turing on the rhyme, decode the times
Satan gave ya local cop a loaded nine
Shoot yo grandmama down and ain’t no one fired
Hey, what’s up, hello?
Ain’t read my Miranda, but ya boot is on my throat
You ain’t need a warrant for that knockin’ at my do’?
Sendin’ 20 pigs through the crib for some dope?
You gon’ shoot my daughter while she sleepin’ on the flo’
When you givin’ up on kids before they hit the fourth
Grade with no breaks from the state to stay afloat?
Adderall and Ritalin, you watch ‘em overflow
Back into the street with the heat for some dough?
You made that problem, you fix it, you know we will not disappear
We right here, we fight here
And God willing, goddamn it, we’ll die here
Sayonara to the moments in my life when
I was brainwashed to try and design fear
Cuz I’m way too good at that shit
But right now, I no longer have the time here

Love yo people
Fuck that evil
No one breathing is illegal

[Verse 2]
Freedom papers tucked in the oxblood
Just in case we fucked up and got Trump
I will never fight no white man’s war; you will catch me in a pine box way before a buzzcut
Write ‘til I bring hate to an end, but the pen back at work, you act up, you get touched
Post Malone is a sus-ass white nigga
F. Stokes is washed as fuck
I could give a damn if they a friend or a fan, I don’t ride for white people that treat me like some nigger
Meanwhile, I been scopin’ some folks with the same skin tone like… “Go figure.”
Everyday diplomats never pull the trigger
But I ain’t on no diss shit, settle down, listen…
You can care about more than one struggle at the same damn time, my nigga, you trippin’
Even though I got love for my OGs, that’s a two-way street
Ain’t witit? Good riddance
West Side shit like Joey and Sab: if you peep politickin’… give ‘em the PIVOT!
Taste that rebellion in lips that you kissin’
We not minorities, we’re not defenseless
White motherfuckers with riches were never almighty when they are the niggers existin’
And if this take away from my spins
Which will prolly take away from my ends… that’s fine
I’ve died a million times
I would sign my life to God if that God wasn’t white or a guy
Cuz Black God’s my motherfuckin’ homie
I got the download for what they told me:
“Turn up one time cuz yo ass is alive. We will never forget you, Tony.”

We will never forget you, Tony (x4)
Andrew: miss you, big homie (x4)


released April 27, 2016
Produced by drew_
Recorded by Richard Jones, Jr.
Mixed + Mastered by Will Mitchell
Art Direction by Kenneth La'ron






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