i just moved to minnesota (so you're all FUCKED)

by CRASHprez



This is the first song I ever made with Shrimpnose and the first I ever made as a resident of Minneapolis.


In and out the hood
I be in and out the burbs
In and out the burbs
(Shrimp... Shrimp...)
$30,000 on my neck, nigga, you hear that shit?
Aight, they're house keys, ya fuckin' got me!

[Verse 1]
Hello, my name is Michael, and tonight I feel insightful
With $20 on me and some rhymes that's quite delightful
I've heard the elders whisper that this rap thang need revival
But I just checked the vitals; they entitled, leave ‘em spiteful
Remember when this microphone meant superhero title?
Your favorite rapper was a god and you were mere disciple?
Then you found out they beat their lovers, touch the kids, oh, I know
It’s time to spin the bottle with a rifle, kill our idols
And kill me too if I disappoint you in the future
But as of now, I don’t got no intentions on fuckin’ this up, I maneuver
Past the fakes, past the snakes, past the Jakes
Holy all on me like Pastor Jakes
Crawlin’ up out the confessional like:
“I ain’t wan’ do it, I lack restraint!”
Smorgasbord of my past mistakes
Sizin’ me up, tryna catch a fade
I give a damn what the timeline can do, I’m as fucked up as you… why masquerade?
God as my witness, all that I wish is red, black, and green on my casket paint
Don’t mourn too long, live every day like it’s CRASHius Day

[Verse 2]
I be dolo out in Como, made this over north, though
Didn’t need ten guys to write, but shrimpnose on the stove, though
Clean Sprite, cupped twice, don’t po’ me no fo’, bro
But I might po’ me a limeade, I’m ehiorobo
Bloodline wonder why 401ks ain’t local
But I would die inside if all I was in life was yo-pro
I quit rap for half-an-hour from 3K on “Solo”
Then I got flown to the dojo
Type of nigga that’ll type to niggas, couple C-notes my quote, though
I got plenty of frienemies steadily messaging talkin’ ‘bout “mention me!” as if my cosign meant anything, but if it did… why would I make you celebrities?
That shit right there is insanity; suddenly odd you’re a fan of my penmanship…
I chalk it up to humanity, people gon’ fuck with you soon as it benefit
But I’m here, on my Black shit
Tryna deprogram that man shit
Drinkin’ water, eatin’ vegetables
And I quit rappin’ ‘bout my testicles
Since every nigga is a star, I never get starstruck
I moved to the Twins to come get it in… so you’re all FUCKED!


released October 25, 2016
Produced by shrimpnose
Recorded, Mixed + Mastered by Riley Smithson
Art Direction by Michael Penn II + Ian Carroll






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