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by CRASHprez



Skinheads ain't 'bout shit
Fuck supremacists
Crackers tryna get some clout quick
Run they mouth slick
Pull up to yo hood? I doubt it
Get surrounded
White genocide a damn lie
Ain't finna be another Auschwitz
100-round drum on my damn side
Go tell that on the mountain
Think ‘bout your blood, think ‘bout your kids
When it get lit, will you be equipped?
Who finna die if it's us vs. them?
Get you a stick, gon’ let it hit
Might be the man in your delegates
Might damn well be the president
Might be ya next door neighbors
Hashtag that ass for the paper
If your mans and them get upset
Wanna object? That's suspect
When it comes down to the get down
Will they stand up for the unrest?
Look, I give no fuck what you look like, let's link up
Cuz this still our nation, they ain't finna take it
We got no patience for Aryan hatred
If God what they playin’, send 'em to Satan
It ain't no tellin’ where they finna take it
We need the peace, but we don't need a racist
If you think I'm finna die on my knees
I gotta squeeze, ain't no debatin’

Fuck the alt right
Motherfuck the alt right
Fuck 45
Motherfuck 45

Hit them nazi punks with the pump, leave they ass slumped


released August 16, 2017
Produced, Mixed + Mastered by taxpurposes


all rights reserved




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